Hills Like White Elephants

by Ernest Hemingway
Project by Alberto Astesano, Marco Azzarello e Valentina Di Stefano
In collaboration with Michelle Vecchia

“The story […] is about a couple; a woman and a man who are at the station waiting for a train. […] The couple talks about a challenging decision, a procedure: on one side is he, determined, and on the other is the woman, very hesitant.
[The decision] weighs on their relationship. Steel cables represent the relationship, upon which hangs a volume, the cube, not positioned in the center of the design: in fact, some cables are more tense than others, demonstrating the wear and tear on their relationship.
Around [turns] a ramp: the path of both the reader and of a visitor observing the building. The ramp revolves around the structure as the two protagonists in the story revolve around the decision to be made. The ramp takes us inside the structure, and the visitor, right in front of the cube, feels that sense of inevitability and weight.”

Liceo Altiero Spinelli