The Harvest

by Amy Hempel
Project by Ytav Bouhsira, Silvia Jost, Barbara Clinton, Eithne Reynolds

“…This first-person narration tells the story of a young woman who suffers a horrific injury in an accident. She takes us through her story, before revealing that most of what she has told us are lies and exaggerations. The truth lies somewhere in between. The reader is forced to look at everything through the narrator’s eyes because of limitations of the first person point of view. We are only allowed to see what she shows us. …

This is not the full picture of the story. More importantly, the author succeeds in putting over this story built of lies, through different and difficult layers to create a strong story structure.

… our structure is layered, these layers to not overlap. Rather than giving the reader more information, they show a different attempt of place-making. … There are no pillars or stairs that hold the building together.

… The ground and roof [speak] the same material language. They create a system that allow the narrative to work. The different layers connect with the roof at just one single point – which reflects the moment in the narration where the author talks to us directly in the text and disrupts the narration. …”

Polo Poschiavo (Switzerland)