by Richard Ford
Project by Valerio Codispoti
In collaboration with Tal Harel

“Two planes: one horizontal and one vertical. On the first rests the narrative, the simple line of facts and characters. The second plane, on the other hand, is the sinking. Of the protagonists and with them of the reader: a magnetic and dangerous attraction to the deepest and darkest side of humanity. An extraordinary representation of the unresolved business of man.
A theater without a stage composed only of bleachers. Four main entrances and two side entrances: once inside, the spectators take their seats on high, steep bleachers whose seating is deliberately uncomfortable. There is no stage, we said: the only thing they will see is other spectators. The only thing they will be able to perceive will be the sinking and the fear of it, with no escape.”

Scuola Holden