Cavallo bianco

by Christian Delius
Project by Marco Maggi and Marta Sorrentino
Partnered with Enza Di Vinci

“The wall came down. It’s impossible to say for sure. Everything is too tortuous and tilted. The windows are too high or too narrow, and in any case too deep to really understand what’s happening outside. Inside, an anonymous life proceeds barely aware of history’s disruption.
It’s not only this, though. Perhaps there’s no desire to actually see.
There are some openings along the inner wall. They are very narrow and barely visible, but whoever wants can pass through.
From these slots one can access a small garden. There’s something childish in this space, like the ungrammatical words that kids use. Here lives a cavallo bianco [white horse]. Its trot is hard and shaky, but if you can ride it, it will take to the top of the slope. From there you can see outside, beyond the wall.”

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Turin)