The Translation

by Antonio Tabucchi
Project by Elena Maria D’Agnolo Vallan, Angelo Sciandra, Laura Sottosanti

“We tried to give a ‘narrative’ voice to a volume that at first glance may appear banal, since it is similar to every building on every corner of every street, but in reality contains surprising complexities.

The building represents the series of clues, all the images and potential stories that the writer makes us taste but then takes away.

Every clue/cube is connected to another according to a pre-established rule … some cubes are just quick passageways to other cubes where we stay a little longer, others take you nowhere … images that Tabucchi creates before arriving at the final surprise, which finally allows us to understand.

These clues lie on a grid, the narrative structure, that through its regulated freedom allows us to connect all the elements …”

Turin Architecture Festival