Hills Like White Elephants

by Ernest Hemingway
Project by 王澤庠 Ivan Wang, 林祖音 Josephine Lin, 王學寬 Raphaella Wang and 鄭皓方 Hao-Fang Cheng

“… the couple can never see the same landscape because the man has trouble understanding what is inside the girl’s eyes. … Holding different perspectives leads to their endless conversation …

… once you start from different perspectives, you will never reach the meeting point. … what really makes you worry is that you have no idea whether the other one is trying as hard as you are.

The story ends before the conversation between the couple finishes. They never hit the core of the problem and quickly drive the topic away, pretending everything is fine. The pathways are just like that. They seem tangled, but in fact, they never touch each other. …”

National Taiwan University