by Alice Munro
Project by Ilaria Podestà
In collaboration with Niccolò Suraci

“Two structures that are capable of dialoguing with each other, of mirroring each other, almost to the point of bonding. Likewise, they represent the duality of misunderstanding: an apparent identity that reveals itself as its own opposite. At the center of all this, in the core shielded from the outside world, is what we have called ‘the whirlpool,’ the moment when the misunderstanding is fulfilled and transforms reality, deforming it. […]
The two identical structures are in opposite and staggered positions. The initial and final parts of the building constitute the access and exit areas to the communicating pools, respectively. In reaching the entrance to the basin, the parapet on the right is high with a curved shape, while on the left there is only a track embedded in the ground. […]
While experiencing the space, we find ourselves constrained within two equal but opposing forms, immersed in a seemingly pleasurable experience. […]
The intervening misunderstanding overturned the perception of reality. And only on the way out, after experiencing the entire structure, will one be able to understand, and make sense of, all the elements.”

Scuola Holden