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When architecture becomes a narrative

by Mario Gerosa As if we were in a physical space, the exposition progresses through a series of spaces in which the reader can feel comfortable, recognizing a familiar sequence.

Literature, architecture and gelato

Matteo Pericoli @ TEDxTorinoSalon "If the architecture of a story were really a building, what kind of building would it be?"

Let’s play to discover the invisible cities of each novel

by Laura Crinò Stemming from the experience of a workshop with a group of students ... this book is a true experiment, starting with the format.

A book is built like a house

by Arianna Passeri Almost magically, even the reader can thus "visit" "The Great Living Museum of Imagination" and discover the secrets behind the construction of a text (and a building).

Stories to inhabit

by Luigi Marfè The Great Living Museum of the Imagination is designed as a walk-through, a visit to an ideal museum about the creativity of architects and writers.

What structure over there awaits the end?

by Francesco Gallo Ma cos’è l’architettura letteraria? È una scoperta continua. Non solo: un tentativo di accrescere la nostra consapevolezza quando ci rapportiamo con gli spazi (e con il vuoto).

A walk through twelve masterpieces
“These stories are fantastic palaces.”

Matteo Pericoli's book stems from his "Laboratory of Literary Architecture." From Dostoevsky to Ferrante, drawing becomes an alternative form of reading.

RSI Radio 2

In the book "The Great Living Museum of the Imagination," architect and illustrator Matteo Pericoli explores the links between literature and architecture, between imagination and construction.

A guide to literary architecture for exploring books (and oneself) in an innovative way

by Andrea Fioravanti It took the multifaceted nature of an architect, illustrator, teacher and writer to discover how to analyze the architecture of a story and transform it with creativity and imagination into a building.

In-person LabLitArch editions at IED Turin

The in-person editions of the Laboratory of Literary Architecture have finally started again!