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Current and upcoming workshops

In January 2017, a LabLitArch workshop was held at the Turin International Public High School Altiero Spinelli, with the support of the Fronte del Borgo, and began a collaboration with the Muskogee Public School system (Oklahoma) and the University of Oklahoma (School of Architecture) to incorporate their English Language Arts program into an MIT Fab Lab.

In April 2017, LabLitArch will travel to Taipei (Taiwan) upon the invitation by the Center of the Arts, National Taiwan University, to hold a four-day workshop as part of the “Open Windows Open Arts”, a project designed to promote public art education for NTU.


From the LabLitArch edition in Dubai

Some images from the 5-day-long, October 2016 Dubai Design Week edition of the LabLitArch, held in collaboration with the Emirates Literature Foundation.


LabLitArch @ Dubai video

Johara Beydoun, who participated in LabLitArch @ Dubai Design Week, produced a beautiful video of her project based on E.B. White’s short story “The Door


LabLitArch in Numéro Cinq

Gary Garvin writes about the Laboratory of Literary Architecture:

Fiction is a construction that arranges space and has a structure that defines spatial relationships. As such it is a kind of architecture, but its structure, especially in our more challenging, more exploratory fictions cannot be pictured as the simple pyramid Freytag gave us years ago.

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LabLitArch @ Dubai Design Week

From October 24 through 28, a five-day LabLitArch workshop for writing and architecture students will be held at Dubai Design Week 2016, organized in partnership with the Emirates Literature Foundation.


The Literary Architecture series

Italo Calvino, The Baron in the Trees

Italo Calvino, The Baron in the Trees

In May 2016, LabLitArch launches a new monthly Literary Architecture series with projects designed and written by Matteo Pericoli (in collaboration with Giuseppe Franco) in both the Paris Review Daily and the Italian national newspaper La Stampa. As of February 2017, the Italian series appears in the weekly Pagina99.


From the LabLitArch edition in Jerusalem

Some images from the incredible and intense, 5-day-long May 2016 edition of the LabLitArch in Jerusalem, held in collaboration with The Hebrew University‘s Department of Comparative Literature, the Bezalel Academy‘s Department of Architecture, and Da’at HaMakom (The Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in Jewish Modernity).

Work in progress:

Final projects:


Upcoming LabLitArch workshop in Jerusalem

In May, the Laboratory of Literary Architecture will be heading to Jerusalem where we will hold a full, 6-day workshop organized by the Hebrew University’s Graduate Program in Cultural Studies, Department of Comparative Literature, in collaboration with the Department of Architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and “Da’at HaMakom“, The Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in Jewish Modernity.