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When architecture becomes a narrative

by Mario Gerosa As if we were in a physical space, the exposition progresses through a series of spaces in which the reader can feel comfortable, recognizing a familiar sequence.

Let’s play to discover the invisible cities of each novel

by Laura Crinò Stemming from the experience of a workshop with a group of students ... this book is a true experiment, starting with the format.

Journey into space
To the discovery of literary architecture

See you Thursday, March 16 at 7 p.m. at Therese's with Matteo Pericoli and Fabio Geda for a "Journey into Space."

A book is built like a house

by Arianna Passeri Almost magically, even the reader can thus "visit" "The Great Living Museum of Imagination" and discover the secrets behind the construction of a text (and a building).

Stories to inhabit

by Luigi Marfè The Great Living Museum of the Imagination is designed as a walk-through, a visit to an ideal museum about the creativity of architects and writers.

What structure over there awaits the end?

by Francesco Gallo Ma cos’è l’architettura letteraria? È una scoperta continua. Non solo: un tentativo di accrescere la nostra consapevolezza quando ci rapportiamo con gli spazi (e con il vuoto).

A walk through twelve masterpieces
“These stories are fantastic palaces.”

Matteo Pericoli's book stems from his "Laboratory of Literary Architecture." From Dostoevsky to Ferrante, drawing becomes an alternative form of reading.