Dughera, Gilardi, Serazzi

David Foster Wallace / Istituto Spinelli High School

David Foster Wallace, Everything is Green
Project by Alice Dughera, Ludovica Gilardi and Michael Serazzi

In collaboration with Andrea Revello

[…] The story is told by Mitch’s point of view. The voice is only his.

[…] If a visitor were to walk through the structure, he’d find a group of many buildings of different sizes, very tall and very close to each other. As in a labyrinth, the streets are narrow. Suddenly he finds himself in front of a building that offers a panoramic view. From the building begins a catwalk, narrower and narrower. Once the visitor reaches the farthest point, he realizes that he is suspended in space.

From here we can scream her name and only hear its echo.